How to do Yoga Safely

Yoga has been found to have bountiful benefits to the mind and body. Many people are currently taking part in yoga to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

If one is fully committed to yoga and the transformative effects it has on the body, they will be seen within a matter of weeks. As much as yoga may be beneficial like any other physical activity, it also has its downside. 

Over the years, there have been several cases of yoga-related injuries, and this should act as a cause for alert. People that practise yoga should be aware of the dos and don’ts associated with the art. 

Here are some tips on how to do yoga safely.

Get a Professional Instructor

One of the key steps to practising safe yoga is by having a professional who can guide you. By doing so, you will always have someone to look after you when engaging in postures that may require the assistance of a second party. 

With an instructor by your side, you will be in a better position to get the best from yoga. This is mainly because the instructor will guide you every step of the way. All the moves that you make will be professionally monitored, and corrections can be made by the instructor who will provide professional advice.

Learn more about yoga

woman yoga pose on rocks near oceanBefore you take part in any yoga class, ensure that you have done your research. As an art, yoga has so many things that one can learn. 

The most basic being the various postures associated with yoga and the benefits they bring. There are a variety of yoga postures and each has a different effect on the mind and body. Depending on the results you intend to achieve, it is recommended that you know some of the postures. 

This especially applies to the basic yoga asana, which are commonly used. Information about these postures can be obtained from online magazines and books that offer instructions on yoga.

Don’t skip the beginners’ class

From the surface, yoga may seem easy and less intense, but that is contrary to what it does to the body. Just like any other sport, yoga has a beginner’s class where the clients get to learn all the basics. 

This allows them to know the yoga postures that best suit their bodies. The beginners’ class will also help you to understand more about how you can achieve your desired results without pushing the body too hard. 

It is recommended that one should take as much time in the beginners’ class to be fully exposed to all yoga practices. This will also allow you to learn more about your instructor, making it easier to determine if he or she will offer the best guidance.

Always stay within your “edge”

In yoga, the “edge” refers to when your body and mind go through challenges without straining or stretching beyond your limits. To get the best out of yoga, you must know your edge and always strive to stay within it. 

Going beyond your edge may result in serious injuries that may harm the body. Always ensure that you are within the boundary of comfort and pain when engaging in any yoga posture.

Yoga is not a competition

Some people get injuries when practising yoga simply because they have adopted a competitive attitude towards the art of yoga. 

This causes them to push their bodies too hard, resulting in injuries that would have otherwise been avoided if the individual knew their limits. 

With this in mind, it is not advisable to copy the yoga postures that other people may be adopted as each person is unique physically and mentally.