How To Finance Your Breast Implant Surgery

Implants can be very expensive, but there are several options available to make breast surgery more affordable when it is getting done purely for cosmetic reasons. You need to be considering the different options that are available to help you with finance for the surgery.

Patients that have a bad credit rating might need to connect with a larger network of lenders. The volume is what will improve your odds of getting an approval.

Women can sometimes qualify without needing a credit check, if you can prove that you have a proper income and can verify your employment. In-house plastic surgeons can sometimes offer payment plans that work with a third-party finance company. 

Women who need to have a breast reduction, implant removal or reconstruction due to medical reasons should look to their health insurance plan and for some tax deductions options (you can get financial assistance with this). 

Financing implant surgery

Most people find that monthly plans are the most affordable option when it comes to paying for breast augmentation, lift and implants. Most patients may have to pay an out of pocket amount if it is just purely for cosmetic reasons. It isn’t that hard to be approved for a loan if you just borrow the amount to cover the implants. The amount you are required to pay each month can vary depending on the amount borrowed, the length of your repayment term and the interest rate. 

If you have bad credit 

Personal loans that are specifically for those who have bad credit are a popular way to enhance the implants and lifts. Having a monthly option will require a very large network of lenders who price the cost of such finance accordingly. Subprime lenders specialise in working with those who have bad credit and negative marks on their credit report. You should turn to these guys as they often approve those rejected by banks (just be aware of crazy interest rates). The price of the loan will most likely be higher than a normal loan. So if you get approved, you need to be aware that you might be paying a higher interest rate and a bigger origination fee. 

No credit check finance

These are personal loans that have been based on your income without needing a credit check. This is a great way to gain your finance as the lender doesn’t normally do credit checks instead, they just work on your income. This is an alternative that maybe suited to young adults that don’t have any history of borrowing money or older women who have bad credit but strong employment records.

In-house payment plans

In-house breast implants sound appealing. Personal loans that come with a monthly payment can be a very risky business. Plastic surgeons don’t have the lending experience, and most want their money upfront. That is why they often work with third-party finance companies so they can do the dirty work for them. 

This dirty work can consist of:

  • Performing credit checks
  • Funding the procedure
  • Verifying employment and income
  • Sending invoices and gathering the payments
  • Refer defaults to collection agencies or lawyers

You will need to determine what type of funding will work for you and your situation. Ensure you won’t be financially struggling when making the monthly payment as this will be ongoing for several years.