Of Soap and Clogged Drains

Have you found that your sink or bathtub seems to be draining slower? Is there debris sitting in your shower plug hole? Did you know that the products that you use each day will cause more damage than you actually realise to your plumbing works? Sometimes things like soap scum will cause a build-up and breed mould and mildew. Soap and hair are the two main common reasons for a blocked bathroom drain.

Most times the clogs can be rid with just a professional drain cleaning. The important thing is not to wait until the build up has grown into a huge hard pile of debris get your drains looked at as soon as you see symptoms of a clog. Soap clogs can cause musty smells, slow draining and noisy draining.

Soap Scum

When certain minerals that are in the hard water react with fatty acids that are in the soap it will create lime soap which is a build-up that most people call soap scum. This type of scum will build up over time and eventually attracts mould and mildew and will clog the drains. It is unhealthy as it become a breeding ground for bacteria. You will get soap scum in the kitchen sink however it doesn’t seem to be a problem like it does in the bathroom sinks.

Of Soap and Clogged Drains

Shower gels, shampoos and bath salts

These all leave a sticky film in the drains that sit on the sides of the pipes and eventually narrow the opening which makes it harder for the water to drain out. this is the same for different hair oil treatments once it washes down the drain it will then solidify and lead to clogs also. Undissolved bath bombs can catch in the drain also and if they contain small items like confetti it will catch in the drain and cause a clog.

Hair and the hair shavings

You may thin that a few hair strands are not going to cause a problem. However, they will. It is amazing how fast hair accumulates especially if there is no hair stopped on your plughole. Even grooming and shaving over the basin will accumulated a clog within the pipework. There are drain plugs that work well to stop everything like hair and soap particles form going down the drain. Once you stick it to your plughole and check it after a few days you will be amazed at the amount of stuff it has caught.

How to Treat Clogs

Before getting out the drain cleaners which can damage the pipes, or spending more money on drain cleaning services try a few other options first like pouring hot water down your drains often to keep everything moving down. Baking soda and vinegar are also great for cleaning small clogs and keep the odours out. if you are suffering a large clog or persistent problem then it is best to call a professional and let them handle the problem before it gets worse.

Soap will cause a clog within your drains, but it isn’t alone. Hair, grease, food debris and plenty of other items in your home will cause a clog. Prevention is the key by protecting your plug hole and stopping items going down the drain that can cause a clog. Clogs if they have been left too long are hard and expensive to fix so you need to ensure you get on top of it asap.

A new model for soap production

Over the years, there has been a rising number of manufacturing companies that tries to play its part to the environment as much as possible. In the soap and household cleaning industry, we have several brands that promotes sustainable living through its products and how they are manufactured. These brands are also great in the way that they are made with mostly natural materials which has less impact to the environment as much as it does to your sink. Examples include:

  1. Method

    Method was born in 2001 from the minds of Erin Ryan and Adam Lowry, also is a staple in a lot of American homes today. They have really set the standard for any company planning to become sustainable: they are a registered B Corp, are cruelty-free, use renewable energy, have begun a biodiesel shipping program, and have fun eco-friendly packaging. Their aromatic cleansers, detergents, and soaps will have you smelling good and clean daily

  1. Ecos

    Ecos was family-owned and operated for nearly 50 decades, with a guarantee to create “green cleaning” a fact, through sustainable and mindful practices. Their facilities are powered by 100% renewable energy companies, use Carbon Neutral plants, and they have helped spark the green cleaning motion in nearly 1 million houses. Natural wash, at affordable prices.

  1. Caldrea

    Caldrea understands that scent is one of the most effective senses, and their goal is to make scents that are natural, long-lasting, and comforting to everyone in your home and is made by using renewable plant material. Each item comes with reviews and could be found in one of 10 aromas. We are most looking forward to attempting their Sea Salt Neroli, Rosewater Driftwood, and Pear Blossom Agave lines.

  1. Mrs. Meyers

    On the lookout for products that smell beautiful, are effective, and clean wonderfully? We have found a winner! Mrs. Meyer’s was launched by Thelma Meyer, who with 9 children, needed natural cleaning products that got the job done. If you are wondering what exactly goes into every item, they have an ingredient glossary directly on their site. Plus, their scents range from floral aromas such as mums and peonies, to chamomile and honeysuckle–your home will probably be smelling like a backyard very quickly.