Using Mineral sprays for better sleep

Many essential oils help you to relax, which can give you a better night sleep.
Here are a few of the conventional sprays that are great for aiding in a night of more healing sleep.

Cedarwood aids at providing deep relaxation

Cedarwood is a grounding spray that has amazing calming capabilities for both the body and mind. This oil is perfect for topical use as a spray as well as for aromatic uses. The essential oil has many soothing properties that can help to calm down a crying baby. Inhaling essential oils promotes a sense of well-being and health.
Cedarwood mineral spray helps to calm your stressed mind and to promote a deep relaxation meaning a better night’s sleep. It also aids a calming the emotions as it triggers the production of happy hormones.


This spray is important for aromatherapy. The studies have shown over time that lavender has deeply relaxing benefits. Lavender has the ability to calm the nervous system down and to stabilize the blood pressure. This spray helps to balance the skin temperature, calm the heart rate and to bring a relaxed state to your mind. Lavender is very helpful when it comes to treating a mild case of insomnia and to help promote better sleep with this spray. Women who are suffering from postpartum depression may find lavender calming.
The scent of lavender stimulates your limbic system of the brain that is associated with emotional responses and memories. Due to the relaxing effects on the mind, there is no wonder that lavender can help you sleep better.

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Sweet marjoram

This is a spray that works fighting inflammation and aches

The sweet oil comes from the marjoram plant. It has several therapeutic qualities about it. It is a great analgesic that can help alleviate the aches and pains that come with the common cold. It is also a great spray to help with inflammations connected to toothaches and headaches. Aromatherapy uses this oil to help with those struggling to sleep. A natural remedy for alleviating your nervous system, pain, stress and anxiety all which can contribute to bad sleeping habits.

Roman Chamomile

This spray works like a mild sedative. It reduces any anxiety and helps to promote a night of deeper sleep and to soothe the nervous system. The fragrance will trigger happy emotions. This oil has even been used in hospitals to help patients get a better night sleep with results that were more effective than conventional medication. The roman chamomile is a spray that is used to treat anxiety and sleep apnea.

Clary sage

An essential spray that can have chemical compositions depending on where it comes from. In general, it contains around 72% esters such as linalyl acetate which is used around the world as a mild sedative. Some of the common ways that people can use clary sage are as a spray, lotion, soap, perfume and creams.

With so many sprays including transdermal magnesium that helps with a sound and peaceful sleep, that are all beneficial to giving you a better nights sleep why suffer any longer. It is advised to talk to your doctor before trying any of these sprays to ensure it is safe for you and that it won’t interact with other medications you are already taking.
You may need to try a couple before you find one that works for you.