Why It’s Important To Take A Break

Most of us need to rest occasionally, unless you are superhuman. Oddly, though a lot of men and women leave their holiday time unused. Whether you choose a holiday, stay-cation, or play-cation, it is important to have a rest as a part of your routine, to combat the stresses of daily life.

Anxiety Relief

Letting stress build up could be unhealthy in a number of ways. If anxiety is built up and stress is triggered on a regular basis – scenarios turn into chronic stress, which is when true health issues set in.

People who experience chronic anxiety are more vulnerable to ailments ranging from frequent headaches and gastrointestinal difficulties to more serious ailments like hypertension, which contributes a heightened chance of cardiovascular disease and stroke. When our allostatic load, or general degree of anxiety, accumulates into a certain degree, stress can only snowball because we are always in a state of reactivity.

How Does It Help?

Vacations as well as shorter getaways where you get some ‘distance’ from the pressures of life may bring many benefits.

  • They disrupt the cycle of anxiety that may result in it being overrun.
  • They provide us a rest from chronic anxiety so we can revive ourselves physically and emotionally to a much healthier location.
  • It can improve creativity and relationships


Warning Signs

On occasion, it’s evident when a holiday is essential. However, other times, the anxiety we encounter can creep up on us and we are unable to recognize when we are in danger for overwhelm and burnout.

There are a number of general warning signals that apply normally.

In reality, unless you’re feeling energized, inspired, enthused, creative, fully engaged towards you job and relationships, then you would probably benefit from a holiday since it is a fantastic idea to handle stress before it seems overwhelming.

Choose Your Ultimate Break


A true break, in the traditional sense of the term. Taking a holiday is much more significant than a lot of peope think, which explains why a lot of annual leave goes to waste.

The trick to a relaxed vacation would be to make the most of active activites and rest when you you need to in your jawdropping waterfront accomodation; do not overbook yourself with tourist activities or take work with you. Give yourself a chance to switch off.


The staycation’s popularity is growing increasingly, particularly as individuals have been discovering storytelling hotels growing presence.

The trick to a stay-cation is just like the key to a relaxing holiday, although marginally more difficult to pull off: do not overthink, or let work creep in. Switch off your electronics and also make it a point to choose to play and rest or visit a nearby resort to make it simpler.


Few men and women talk about using a play-cation, however, it is a fantastic thought: stay home, but also make it fun!

With the hard work and trying patterns that describe many people’s lifestyles, it is so important to get some fun in as a means to recharge your batteries and remember to enjoy life.

Sometimes we simply have to have a rest from anxiety enough to interrupt the human body’s stress reaction cycle, then get back in the action.

With these thoughts for ​fast breaks, you’ll be de-stressing in no time!

The Self Love Project

The Self Love Project is an initiative by Eloise King with four main pillars to focus on – Mindfulness, Happiness, Food & Movement. Together, these help with the ability to love yourself, and therefore, look after yourself. 2020 sees two six-week programs running. One commencing February 3, 2020 and the other commencing August 3, 2020.
This is worth the effort to look after yourself!


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