Why The Beach Is Part Of A Healthy Lifestyle

There’s nothing like the sea to completely reinvigorate a human body and soul.

Caring for your body is more than about what you are eating and there is nothing like a day at the beach to maintain your Nutritious Life living.

Whether you are struggling with weight reduction, psychological eating, cutting out sugar, or another food dilemma, give yourself a rest now and get your feet in the sand. You just might discover it impacts your waist more than you may have envisioned.

Here are 6 reasons you need to get down to the beach:

It is good for your skin and joints

There is nothing more healing for your muscles and joints compared to a dip in the salty water. The sea treats little nicks, cuts, and scratches and it is a natural exfoliant that requires little effort for smoother skin. (Just make sure you reapply sunscreen once at the salt and sand)

It’s perfect for a relaxing walk

A walk may be better than a run in regards to clearing the brain. I find there is nothing more cathartic than a very long walk along the shoreline (versus walking in a metropolitan buzz, which may cause you to feel flustered and stressed). It does not need to be quick, and it certainly does not demand a wristwatch, a Fitbit, or any type of fitness tracking program. Unplug. It also feels as luxurious as slipping into hale mercantile linen after a hard day’s work. Walks on the beach are kind of ideal any way you do them: with your children, your spouse, or independently. There is no purpose, no hurry, no race, no other place to be. Relax and locate some seashells on the way.

It is a simple way to perform a body check

We all know we should do body checks, but it’s often easy to forget about them when our heads are overcome with the racing list of to-dos of just having five minutes to jump in the shower, shave, and blow dry our hair, before getting your kids to school, sport or dancing. When putting on your sunscreen, begin with your own face and work your way down your body, taking the time to look closely at your skin and seeking whatever you may not otherwise detect. It is a fantastic practice to get in the habit of performing more frequently.

It can be your daily tech detox

The beach is pretty much harmful to technology with all the risks of sand and water. It can feel great to relax with no computer, telephone, and tablet computer for a couple hours. A number of the most creative moments can come when you are undistracted and left with thoughts that are uninterrupted. Save your cash; do not go buying protective cases for your tech.

It is a Fantastic place for rest

Ever notice yourself feeling sleepy against the soundscape of the beach? You don’t need an artificial sound machine to capture that much-needed shut-eye when you can get it for free. Sleeping on the sand or on some comfy beach coastal furniture against the sound of the waves crashing on the beach is music for your ears, so as long as you are far enough away from your children playing. A nap on the sand is a therapeutic means to log in some rest and rejuvenation you aren’t getting in your nightly sleep.

Vitamin D

This vitamin is critical for health and wellbeing. However, an estimated 1 billion people globally are deficient. A day in the sun is the best method to satisfy your everyday intake needs. The sunlight can provide you with more than a fantastic mood and a summertime glow. Since Vitamin D is synthesized from the skin, healthy exposure to the sun in tiny doses has been demonstrated to encourage bone growth and prevents calcium loss in older bones.