Best magnesium supplements during a strict workout routine

Magnesium is one of the most important micronutrients in the body. The average adult has about 25g of this nutrient but this is never the case for everybody. People have varying amounts of magnesium depending on the nutritional diet that they are exposed to.

Those with low amounts of magnesium can get the nutrient by relying on magnesium supplements. People who are on a strict workout routine may also need magnesium supplements to replenish the electrolytes that are lost during intense workouts. There are a variety of magnesium supplements that those working out can choose from. Depending on your energy requirements you can take magnesium supplements for pre-workout or post-workout.

For pre-workout sessions, you can take magnesium to boost your energy levels. This is because magnesium can convert stored glycogen into glucose. The conversion makes it easier for the body to directly obtain the energy needed for the workout.

Post-workout magnesium joint sprays will help the muscles in the body to relax after a vigorous exercise. This will enable the muscles to recover effectively after a workout session. If the body is deficient in magnesium the muscles may become sore after exposure to intense exercise activity. This article highlights some of the best Magnesium supplements one can take when following a strict workout routine.

Magnesium Orotate

This supplement is made up of a complex composition between magnesium and orotic acid. The combination of these two elements makes this supplement to have a double-action effect on the body when taken. The orotic acid contained in this supplement has been found to improve the condition of the heart and boosts the body’s endurance. This makes it very convenient for athletes who engage in long hours of workout. The magnesium content in this supplement completes the supplementation cycle by replenishing the lost magnesium electrolytes during a workout.

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Magnesium Malate

This magnesium supplement is known to be a good energy booster. It can be taken before or after a workout session. If taken before a workout it will increase the body’s metabolic rate thereby allowing the cells to produce enough energy to meet the workout requirements. It can achieve this unique function due to the presence of malic acid. This acid can activate the cells in the body making them produce energy.

In addition to its energy-boosting properties, magnesium malate supplements can also alleviate muscle soreness. This property ranks it among the best post-workout magnesium supplements. If taken it initiates a relaxing effect on the muscles that may have experienced intense tension during the workout. It also has a healing effect on the muscles that may have been during a workout exercise.

Magnesium Chloride

In most cases, a magnesium chloride supplement is administered by directly spraying it to the skin. It is easily absorbed and is therefore very efficient when dealing with post-workout muscle cramps. When sprayed, the skin absorbs all the positive magnesium ions after which the cells in the body also get the ions. This process activates the metabolic processes within the cells leading to the elimination of toxins such as lactic acid that may cause muscles to be sore.

This detoxifying property gives room for more oxygen to be transported to various parts of the body because of improved blood flow. Magnesium chloride supplement can also make the cells and the entire nervous system to be stronger. This will improve body coordination during workouts and the body will be in a better position to meet the energy demands of each workout. Magnesium chloride supplements can be applied after a workout to reverse the effects that the exercise may have on the muscles.