How to get a healthy lifestyle?

A healthy lifestyle is important for young and old alike. When you look after your physical health, you feel better as a consequence. You feel fitter, much more relaxed and are better able to cope with daily life.  When you have a mental illness this is especially important!

Always start slowly.

Just one thing at a time – if you do this then you will see the benefits that can come from eating more wholesome foods or, exercising or even quitting smoking.

Always make small changes – go  for a regular walk instead of making yourself  run 5km every day. If you do that, it will  have more chance of becoming a habit that you can easily keep.

Be flexible – If you decide to cut down on sugar, you should do it gradually over a few weeks rather than all at once. Cutting down from two teaspoons in your coffee to one and a half, then one and so forth, your taste buds are more likely to adapt and you’re less likely to crave for the sugar s the day goes on.

Do what you already do and build on it – If you buy fruit to eat, try buying more of it and  fewer biscuits and general snack type foods.

By remembering to increase or adding even one new health behaviour every week, you  can make a big difference to your health.