Having A Website As A Personal Trainer

Whether you are just starting your career as a personal coach or you are an established professional who is looking to cultivate your company, one thing that is apparent in today’s aggressive exercise market is that you have to have a professional site.

Selling private training solutions is much different now than it was 5 or 10 decades back. Previously you could rely on your own knowledge or nice character as a tool for marketing your personal training business. They satisfy you, they like you, they purchase from you.

This will not work now.

Research has shown that 88 percent of customers search online for information, provides, and testimonials BEFORE they could ever make a buy.

Are prospective customers able to readily find you on the internet and find out about the exercise services that you provide?

Does your internet presence assurance you’ll make a fantastic first impression when prospects”meet” you on the internet?

Is the site (if you have one) likely to convince prospects to take that initial step and reserve an appointment with you?

If you answered “No” to even one of these 3 questions, please continue reading. This guide is going to show you a few significant steps necessary to construct a wonderful personal trainer site.

Measure #1: Choose Your Hosting Company

Now that you have a wonderful domain for your own personal trainer site, you want somewhere to store the articles which will be displayed on your website — that is known as”hosting.”

There are a lot of great web hosts you may use, but let us stick with GoDaddy for simplicity sake. All hosting companies offer many different programs you can select from, but generally, it’s fine to select the least expensive option.

Here are a couple of things to search for when choosing your hosting program:

1. Get your domain at no cost. Many web hosts will give a free domain if you buy a hosting. That is the reason why you did not buy your domain name in Measure #1 — You will receive it at no cost inside this step!

2. Search for added email addresses. If you are taking your business seriously you won’t utilize davesmith@gmail.com to your small business email address — that just cries “unprofessional.” Your hosting program should provide the choice to make dave@davesmithpt.com without any cost.

3. Elect for unlimited bandwidth. Bandwidth determines the total amount of traffic that your website can handle. As you may not have lots of visitors in the start, unlimited bandwidth helps to ensure your website can handle greater traffic as your website grows in popularity.

Many hosts will provide all kinds of updates and add-ons at an extra price. It is very unlikely that you want these — Save your cash! And bear in mind you can easily upgrade your hosting package at any time should you see that your requirements change.

Proceed through the checkout process to buy your domain name and hosting plan. Again, avoid the upsells which are going to be thrown in the…just purchase what you came for!

Measure #2: Choose and Install a CMS

You own a domain and also your area to store your own personal training site. The next step is to pick a program which permits you to really design your new exercise website. This is referred to as a Content Management System (CMS).

Again, there are plenty of available choices but WordPress is the market standard. Now, simply to make things confusing, there are two variations of WordPress:

1. WordPress.com: It is a blogging system which includes hosting, but provides very limited performance. You do not need this.

2. WordPress.org: This can be free-to-use software which you install in your own web host to acquire complete control on your website as it develops. You need this!

It’s been estimated that almost 60 percent of sites assembled today decide to use WordPress as a CMS. This is mainly because of the unparalleled performance — You are able to create your site do just about anything once you select WordPress as your own CMS.

Now you only have to install it on your own hosting account. Do not worry — Your hosting company will make this very simple…

In reality, most hosting firms understand that most of their clients are using WordPress and have made the setup process almost single-click. It is possible to follow the actions located here (GoDaddy) or call your internet host and a service representative will set up WordPress for you. Alternatively, you can ask someone to create a custom content management system for you.

Measure #3: Find Your Perfect Website Theme

Upon installing WordPress your fitness expert site will be given the default WordPress theme. A web theme is just the stylistic design of your website. Including the color scheme, design, fonts, and the rest of the artistic elements which will determine the way your physical fitness site appears. 

Do not use it.

From the nature of this being the default theme, many websites around the net use it. You would like your website to stick out in the audience. You wish something special, something with a bit more character.

It is time to discover a theme that is suitable for your company…

Luckily, there are literally thousands of topics you can select from, some free and some which you’ll need to buy (i.e. the more premium web theme).

Jot down some that you like and then start to look for a theme which will make it possible for you to generate something similar. You are able to do this search from the subject directory or you may do it in the “backend” of your website. This, of course, depends on your web design and development skills. Should you find yourself to be stuck, a quick google search might solve the problem.

Notice: The “backend” (a.k.a. “admin panel”) of your site can be obtained by typing in the following to your browser search bar: https://www.davesmithpt.com/wp-admin (substitute”davesmithpt.com” with your actual domain name). “Why can I pay to get a premium web theme when I could get one for free?”

Fantastic query (glad you asked!)

While there are lots of amazing free themes you can pick from, premium topics do provide at least two important advantages:

  • 1. You’re able to customize more broadly. Many premium topics permit you to customize just about whatever you would like whereas complimentary topics are largely more static. 
  • 2. You’ll get access to theme assistance. Most premium designers provide support for their clients. This is SO useful, particularly if you’re seeking to generate plenty of customizations to your website. In the event you decide to use a complimentary web theme then you are pretty much by yourself.

Free and premium topics install the exact same procedure and immediately your physical fitness site will reflect the shift. Enter your domain into a browser search bar and you’ll notice the brand new layout (although there will not be some materials on your website…yet!). Also, although it might be obvious, pick/decide on the design that matches what you are offering. For example, if you are a wrestling coach, you may want a design that tells the viewers that you are one.

Measure #4: Contain These Must-Have Website Pages

You are finally ready to add content to your site! (a.k.a. the interesting part!)

Though your site content will probably change and expand over time, there are a couple of must-have pages which you ought to make original. Here are the measures you can follow to make new pages in WordPress and here’s a description of those pages you need to prioritize:

  • 1. Home: almost all of your visitors will begin here, so make sure you include your best private photograph (grin!), a tagline that briefly explains what your company is about, and also a call-to-action (i.e. what would you want people to do next?)
  • 2. About: Many personal trainers make the mistake of telling their own life story on the about page. Nobody cares. Use this site to describe why you’re perfectly satisfied to serve your intended customers. By way of instance, if you operate mostly with new mothers, explain why you’re so enthused about this clientele and what education or experience you have that lets you serve them better than any other coach could.Your “About” page could have a movie of you talking about your enthusiasm for private training (and obviously you would mention all of the benefits your customers get ). A video is an ideal way for prospective customers to comprehend your nature and start to enjoy your contents and trust you. It is as such recommended for any personal trainer marketing.
  • 3. Services: Be certain about the services you provide, who every service is for, the way the customer will profit, and just how much the service costs.Then you MUST include customer testimonials for all your providers. These could be written quotations accompanied by an image of your customer or, and more powerful, you may consist of video testimonials.Let your raving clients assist you to produce new clients!Eventually, your professional services page must include an extremely clear call-to-action which will lead your site visitor one step nearer to becoming a client.Would you need them to contact you through email or telephone?

    Could they reserve a consultation online?

    Or, can they make a purchase directly from the site?

    If you are uncertain how to achieve these activities, have a peek at the advocated tools within our bonus section under.

  • 4. Contact Me: though e-commerce is increasing with leaps and bounds every year, some site visitors will still wish to use the old-fashioned manner: Face-to-face. This is particularly true of high-ticket things like multi-session private training packages that may cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. For the more financially manageable training packages such as the ones for kids wrestling, people would be more likely to contact you online instead.

Make it quite simple for all these prospects to get you, ideally through email and via telephone. Then, make certain to follow up immediately with any queries you get. A fast answer communicates how highly you value customer support — This constantly bodes well in your favor.