Tips To Increase Gym Memberships

Health and fitness centers have increased in popularity over the last few years. Recent industry reports show that around one in five people attend a fitness center or have their own gym membership. In addition to this, the fitness industry has witnessed a dramatic increase in diver program offerings that clients now enjoy such as Yoga, Kickboxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Pilates, Spin classes and Interval Training just to list a few of the fitness choices that fitness centers and gyms are now offering. This increase in industry growth has seen advertising and promotion-based activities become vital for the success of health centers and to expand their consumer base.

Here Are Some Marketing Ideas to Increase Memberships

Offer Free Trials for Gym Facilities:

Individuals are more likely to try something when they don’t have to pay for it. A chance to go the gym, try out the facilities without money being a concern will increase the likelihood of people trying out your fitness center. This also provides an opportunity to show your genuineness and showcase your environment. Once potential clients have tried the facilities free-of-charge over a limited time and experienced your points of difference, they will be more likely to purchase a membership.

Utilise Your Members’ Network:

Clients that are gym regulars often prove to be the best salespeople. A ‘Bring-A-Friend’ package has the ability to be very useful. All that is required is to promote to regular customers to bring one of their friends to sign up to the gym as well. The incentive for the regular is a free or discounted membership for a period of time. This also comes with no added cost or loss of revenue for the gym as the new member would now be paying for the month while the regular member gets a free membership. At the conclusion of this period, both the existing and new member are paying membership increasing revenue overall.

Ensure Useful Online Content Is Accessible:

This digital age requires fitness centers to possess an online presence so as to support current members and bring in new ones. This can be done by providing videos discussing answers to queries posted by members. This then becomes a good platform for members to refer to when in doubt.

Get Used to Social Media:

Facebook ads for gyms have become unavoidable. Marketing through social media has become one of the leading forms of advertising for any business and is the main lead generation plan for gym memberships. There is a good possibility any prospective client will respond to marketing through social media more than any other marketing medium so therefore a locatable and active social media presence must be maintained. Consequently, it is crucial to choose social media channels smartly.

Branded Merchandise:

People are always intrigued to see a somebody with good so if you can get that person to wear your gym t-shirt, you will draw more eyes to your brand. There is the potential to go past shirts as well with mug design, hat design and more for your business.